Our Services 

Our trips are tailored to the individual client based upon the package selected. Of course you can pursue more than one species in one outing, and we offer special spring trophy bass trips and Hat Trick trips (bass, striper and crappie). We welcome children over age eight. Did you know around 60% of our business is father and sons?

We meet at High Point Marina and clients do not pay for parking. We can recommend lodging at The Lighthouse Inn (540.895-5249) or Hotel Lake Anna (540.895.5055). If you want a rental home, try www.docksiderealty.com.

Our guides are punctual and personable. They work to please you and realize your fishing goals. Tips are always appreciated.

When you fish with me out of my boat, I like to concentrate on the use of lures for bass, striper, wiper and crappie. I do employ small minnows from time to time when crappie fishing (not included in trip fee). Kip Hall, Lewis Williams, Phil Harris and Sonny Gleason run bass boats and will target bass, striper, wiper or crappie depending on the season. Howard and Phil also run well-equipped fishing pontoons. Phil will often use live bait for striper or wiper.

2024 Rates/Bass Boat/C.C. McCotter's Boat

Half Day
4.5 hours/one or two anglers

Full Day
8 hours/one or two anglers

Half Day Crappie
4 hours/one or two anglers

Grand Slam Attempt with C.C. McCotter - Bass, Striper, Wiper & Crappie
4.5 hours - $450 8 hours - $550

Pontoon Boat Half Day Trips
4.5 hours
$400/2 anglers $450/3 anglers $500/4 anglers

Pontoon Boat Full Day Trips
8 hours
$525/2 anglers - $575/3 anglers - $625/4 anglers

El Grande Center Console Live Bait Half Day Striper Trips
4.5 hours
$475/2 anglers - $525/3 anglers - $575/4 anglers - $625/5 anglers

Quick Hitter Bass, Striper, Wiper (no crappie)
2 hours starting at dawn on summer weekends or 2 hours before sunset during the week

Add $25 for Friday Trips and $50 for Saturday/Sunday Trips

Add $50 per additional angler over two for trips with C.C. McCotter. I can carry up to three normal-sized anglers in my boat. Family trips of two adults and two young, well-behaved children are possible.

Guide Service Policies/Rules

I've been doing this for 29 years, and some business/safety items are clarified here to ensure we operate within expectations and we continue to offer you the best possible customer service we can.

1. AFTER visiting www.mccotterslakeanna.com and reviewing our rates and trip packages, EMAIL US with your dates to book. DO NOT DM me. I do not check that often, so avoid using it when you want to book. If you have a question, email it. Leaving a message via phone would be the slowest way to book a trip. I also get a ton of texts, and while I am humbled that so many of you are reaching out, just understand I will always do my best in getting back to you, but sometimes I get busy and it might take longer than it should, especially if it's a request for a fishing report. Also, I will call you the night before our trip to go over the details. I will not be emailing.

2. Don't forget to provide phone # where we can reach you the night before so we can touch base and go over final meeting time and location, fishing details, etc. I will not be emailing you the night before, so do not try and reach me that way, either.

3. Once you have arranged for a date with me or an associate guide, immediately send a $100 deposit via check to us at 114 Old Quarry Lane, Bumpass, VA 23024. This makes the booking official. No deposit = no trip. We only accept checks or cash for deposits or balances on the day of your trip.

4. No deposits will be moved to a rebooking if you cannot make your trip due to anything but illness or extreme weather. If I so, you have six months to use your deposit. If I or any of my associate guides are sick or unable to provide you with service for the day for whatever reason, you can rebook using the same deposit. No deposits are ever refunded. No exceptions. If your buddy can't go or if work changes your schedule, that is not an exception. I am working for my family and we have turned down trips for your date. That deposit will help me cover my daily expenses.

5. If you have a gift certificate from me or anyone else (charity auction), it is good for one year. No exceptions. Remember, gift certificates do not include the tip. Gift certificates are good with me only and please note, I do not guide on Sundays.

6. If you break/loose a rod or reel while fishing with us due to your negligence, you will pay for it at the end of the trip. If it breaks because it was older/worn out, that's on us. If you loose an excessive amount of lures/gear during the trip, consider making up for it with an appropriate tip.

7. All corporate, multi-boat trip deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to rebookings. No exceptions.

8. Excessive consumption of alcohol is not permitted on our trips. Your boat captain will monitor and advise you when it's time to stop. If you prefer to continue, the captain will return you to the dock/marina. We operate fishing boats, not bars.

9. If you are bringing child under the age of 13, Virginia law requires them to wear a PFD while the boat is underway. Bring a PFD for your child, because while we have the right amount of PFDs on board to be legal, I or my associate guides cannot keep the proper-sized vest for all ages. If you decline to bring the PFD, we are not liable for anything that might happen.

10. The minimum age for children on our trips is eight-years-old. We'll not take any younger. No exceptions. Additionally, most children aged eight to 12 should only do half day trips. Rent a pontoon from one of the many places on the lake if you have littl'uns under eight. It will be safer and more enjoyable for everyone on board.

11. Please do not ask us to mark maps with hotspots. We will show you where to catch fish and how to catch fish but we will not mark maps.

12. Your trip begins at the time we arrange to meet, not when you arrive. If I am late for any reason, I will make an accommodation for you, but if you are late that's on you.